Alhamdulillah. Thank to Allah SWT we returned to the month of Ramadan this year. May we be able to perform fasting and other acts of worship perfectly this time. InsyaAllah

One of the most demanded acts of worship in the holy month is giving!

Our Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is the best example for us, he is the most generous person, and his generosity is even more terrible in the month of Ramadan. This was narrated by Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him:

“Rasulullah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was the most generous person. And he was even more generous in the month of Ramadan when he met Jibril. Gabriel met him every night to teach him the Qur’an. And the generosity of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, is greater than the blowing wind.”

(HR. Bukhari, no. 6)




We at Maahad Tahfiz Mumtazatut Taqwa (MTMT) opened the Ihya Ramadan 2023 fund for MTMT citizens to benefit from. InsyaAllah the fund will be used for programs such as

  • Sahur Ramadan for 30 Days
  • Iftar Ramadan for 30 Days
  • Nuzul Quran Ceremony(Majlis Nuzul Quran)
  • Tahlil Arwah Ceremony(Majlis Tahlil Arwah)
  • Majlis Khatam Al-Quran
  • Moreh Ceremony(Majlis Makan Ringan Selepas Solat Tewarih) for 30 Days
  • Ramadan & Aidilfitri Aids to asnaf/orphan and indigent students(Bantuan Ramadan & Aidilfitri kepada pelajar asnaf/yatim dan tidak berkemampuan)

We hope that you can help and sponsor the programs that we have planned to make this Ramadan more meaningful.

Ihya Ramadan Fund Target

The targeted Ihya Ramadan fund is RM 300,000 (approx USD66,500 or SDG90,000).

The reward of alms, even if it’s only a little, will continue to grow in reward until it becomes big. Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said:

إنَّ اللهَ يقبلُ الصدقةَ ، ويأخذُها بيمينِه ، فيُرَبِّيها لِأَحَدِ

“Indeed, Allah accepts charity and takes it with His right hand. Then Allah expands the reward for one of you, just as you develop a colt. To the extent that only one grain of alms can grow to the size of Uhud mountain” (HR. At Tirmidhi 662, he said: “hasan shahih”)

Only Allah is worthy to grant the highest paradise Al-Firdaus and His pleasure on you.

About Maahad Tahfiz Mumtazatut Taqwa (MTMT)

The establishment of Maahad Tahfiz Mumtazatut Taqwa (MTMT) aims to produce a generation of Al-Quran community which is knowledgeable, faithful, charitable, integrated, virtuous, and able to bring and deliver Islamic pamphlets to the community. MTMT was also established to meet the community needs for religious studies in more systematically approach for their children. MTMT’s education system emphasised both Hafazan & Academics.

MTMT operates full time by accommodating its students in full equipped dormitories with complete infrastructure. The community’s response to MTMT is very encouraging. Students who are studying in MTMT; they are from several states throughout Malaysia.

At this time we are still collecting funds to buy a plot of land and start the construction of a new building and location to provide better education to students.

For more information about MTMT, please contact our mudirah, Ustazah Fatimah Binti Muhammad Azwir Syam at 6012-3244895 or 6012-4392604