MATIZ Bukit Lanchong Shah Alam Development Ramandan 2023 Fund Appeal

Salam Ramadan Al Mubarak 20023. Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah SWT for His permission for us to be and worship in the glorious month of Ramadan.

Since January 2023, MATIZ has started an initiative to rebuild Maahad Tahfiz Imaniyyah Zahidiyyah (MATIZ) Bukit Lanchong branch, Shah Alam.

With the blessings of this Ramadan, we humbly request Ramadan donations for the MATIZ Shah Alam reconstruction fund.

From Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-‘Ash radhiyallahu ‘anhuma, he said that the Prophet SAW said: “The most important charity is charity in the month of Ramadan.” (HR. Ibnu Majah)

New Development of MATIZ Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam

The 2-story building is now too dilapidated and unsafe after 6 years of use. Many parts of the building have been damaged including the roof, ceiling, gutters and fences in addition to the dormitory and teacher’s room.

New buildings and infrastructure are also needed to accommodate more tahfiz students. Currently there are 40 full-time asnaf students. With the construction of this new building, insyaAllah, MATIZ can accommodate more than 100 full-time tahfiz students.

Many students come from difficult families, asnaf and there are also children out of wedlock. They do not make good finances to cover the cost of basic education such as the cost of food, books and boarding. MATIZ also always carries out the process of repairing buildings that are obsolete from time to time.

How Will Your Ramadan Donations Be Used?

  • Construction of 2 new 3-storey buildings – This new construction is very important considering the old buildings are now too dilapidated and unsafe to use. There are parts of the building that have been eaten by termites 😓
  • Education – Help with the purchase of books, hearing aids and so on.
  • Utilities – Utility costs such as electricity bills and water bills each month.
  • Food & Beverage – Expenditure on nutritious food and beverages for students.
  • Management – Maintenance and management services to facilitate the educational process and student excellence.

Every year the number of students is increasing, and the location of this current building that we are occupying is definitely not able to accommodate the attendance of students in the next 2 or 3 years. We always need to increase our facilities in order to give a better education environment.

However, to realize this dream, we need support and financial assistance to cover the school’s new building development and maintenance costs.

Media Coverage for New Development of MATIZ Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam

Alhamdulillah, syukur to Allah SWT. MATIZ has also broadcast on the program MALAYSIA HARI INI (MHI) published by TV3 Malaysia to announce the campaign and endowment for the new construction and development of MATIZ Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam.

Target Donation

The targeted fund that is required for development and maintenance is RM15 million (approx USD3.4 million or SGD 4.6 million). The fund will utilize for new building development, education improvements, monthly utilities, food and beverages, and school management.

This development is divided into 3 phases. For the first phase, RM5 million is required for the construction of new buildings.

We are very grateful for your generosity; in helping us with this development. Your sincere Ramadadan contributions is too meaningful for MATIZ and its community.

Al-Baqarah-261: The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.

Only Allah is worthy to grant the highest paradise Al-Firdaus and His pleasure on you.


The establishment of Maahad Tahfiz Imaniyyah Zahidiyyah (MATIZ) branch of Bukit Lanchong, Shah Alam in 2017 aims to produce a generation of Al-Quran community which is knowledgeable, faithful, charitable, integrated, virtuous, and able to bring and deliver Islamic pamphlets to the community. MATIZ was also established to meet the community needs for religious studies in more systematically approach for their children. MATIZ education system emphasised both Hafazan & Academics.

MATIZ operates full time by accommodating its students in full equipped dormitories with complete infrastructure. The community’s response to MATIZ is very encouraging. Students who are studying in MATIZ; they are from several states throughout Malaysia.

There are some teaching staff who are actively moving to develop MATIZ;

  • Al-Fadhil Ustaz Haji Adam Shah Bin Haji Shahidan
  • Al-Fadhil Ustaz Khairul Anuar Bin Abdul Razak al-Hafiz
  • Al-Fadhil Ustaz Muhammad Fitri Hanafi Bin Abdul Rahim
  • Al-Fadhil Ustaz Shafiqurrahman Bin Haji Abdul Rasheed al-Hafiz

For more information about MATIZ, do not hesitate to contact Ustaz Ahmad at 6010-799 3710